Why German Shepherds Make The Best Family Dog

Vom Ragnar German Shepherds has built a stellar reputation within the professional canine(K-9) breeding and training community with their award-winning purebred West German German Shepherd Dogs (GSD). For Vom Ragnar’s owner and operator Natalya Babenko, breeding and training German Shepherds has been her driving passion for the entirety of her life. As an expert in breeding, raising, and training GSDs, Natalya and her staff of GSD experts have unique insights into what makes German Shepherds such a popular breed for people looking for a family-friendly dog.

The following are their top ten reasons why German Shepherds make the best family dog:

Reason #1: German Shepherds Are Fiercely Loyal

When it comes to living up to the “man’s best friend” title, few canine breeds can hold a candle to your German Shepherd. Once they’ve bonded with their owner, they are loyal literally until death does they part. Anyone looking for a constant companion for themselves or their family can’t do better than a German Shepherd

Reason #2: German Shepherds Are Incredibly Intelligent

There is a reason why German Shepherds are among the most sought after breeds for security, police, and military applications. GSDs always rate extremely high on any canine intelligence metric. Their ability to learn, obey, and completely master every form of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques is second-to-none in the canine world. Even complicated security protocols like detecting hidden drugs or explosives are child’s play for the German Shepherd. When it comes to canine intelligence, all other breeds come a distant second to German Shepherds.

Reason #3: German Shepherds Are Easily Adaptable

Ready to go in any climate, altitude, and weather condition, the German Shepherd is a resilient breed conditioned to outperform its contemporaries anytime, anywhere. Bred to excel no matter where they are, GSDs easily adapt to any environment from busy metropolitan life to wide open country spaces. The family looking for an adaptable family pet can’t miss with the easily adaptable German Shepherd

Reason #4: German Shepherds Are Amazingly Affectionate

German Shepherds are often mistaken as an exclusively violent or dangerous breed due to their security or K-9 positions. But owners of German Shepherds know how affectionate and loving this breed can be. While an expertly trained German Shepherd can definitely be a security force to be reckoned with, a German Shepherd is born with an inherently affectionate nature that even security training cannot erase. The family looking for a loving pet will find what they are searching for with their German Shepherd

Reason #5: German Shepherds Are Awesome With Kids

When it comes to canine safety around children, German Shepherds are among the kindest and compassionate breeds on the planet. Their gentle nature and care with children of all ages are widely recognized among dog breeders all over the world. It is this natural affection towards children that makes German Shepherds among the highest sought-after family dogs in the canine breeding community.

Reason #6 German Shepherds Play Well With Other Pets

The natural affection and gentleness don’t stop with kids. German Shepherds are widely known as pet-friendly, as well. Their inherently non-aggressive and friendly natures make their addition with other pets effortless and stress-free. The pet-friendly family will love their new GSD addition.

Reason #7: German Shepherds Are Excellent Security Guards

As previously mentioned, German Shepherds are highly coveted by security companies and police departments due to their intelligence and trainability. There may be other breeds that can be trained in security work, but German Shepherds are on a very short list of canine breeds that can handle literally every form of security training known to dogs and men. For the family searching for a family-friendly pet that will also provide family security, that search ends with the German Shepherd.

Reason #8: German Shepherds Are Endlessly Trainable

Thanks to their high intelligence and naturally loving nature, training a German Shepherd is not limited to security. GSDs can be masterfully trained for literally anything from basic obedience to professional dog shows and many kinds of therapies used by health professionals. To put it simply, if a dog can be trained to do something, the German Shepherd is on the short list of requested breeds for that training.

Reason #9: German Shepherds Are Great Exercise Buddies

Anyone looking for a companion for their daily jog or bike ride around the neighborhood will find a very willing exercise buddy in their German Shepherd. An additional bonus for taking your GSD with you on the jogging trail is the added security that comes with your canine companion. Combining their fierce loyalty with a high energy level makes your German Shepherd the perfect partner for any outdoor activities.

Reason #10: German Shepherds Are Generally Very Healthy

Finally, the family looking for a companion that will be with them for many long and healthy years cannot go wrong with a German Shepherd. With proper diet and exercise, most German Shepherds can live up to 15 years with relatively few health issues, generally speaking.

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