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Are you searching for SEO Marketing Services or just simply get your Google My Business Maps rank top for your business in your local areas?

1 – We Can Rank Your Google My Business ( GMB) & Website in The Top First Page.

TheBNBC.com is a Houston based search engine optimization (SEO) marketing company with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Influence Marketing, Social Media Advertisements, Lead Generation Marketing, Email Marketing, and Web Design services with over 8 years of experience of consultant and Digital Marketing Experts. What can TheBNBC do for you? TheBNBC gives you leverage that your competitors do not have. We can give your brand or business an advantage against your competitors and boosts your website ranks high on the top of the 1st page of Google for your chosen keywords with a goal to increase the visibility and exposure of your brand online present or local business simply by generating higher traffic to your Website and Google My Business (GMB) and generate foot traffic to convert into sales. We are the SEO experts Company which we do best and specialized in. We have highly skilled, technical knowledge, motivation, and passion for ensuring every website performed by TheBNBC is Google friendly, fully responsive, mobile-friendly & uniquely optimized to increase and direct organic traffic to your website every month with dynamic growth.

2 – SEO Press Release: SEO Content Marketing Services Rank 1st Page

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Press Release: Most Effective Content Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses

Why Press Release is the Effective & Fast Results for Content Marketing Strategy?

content marketing strategy is a guide to successfully plan, produce, and promote your goals. It’s difficult to create and manage successful content. If you plan to spend money on advertising your business, you probably need a content strategy. Work with us so we can get your content strategy ready for the next 3, 6, or 12 months. A few of the main important topics we’ll figure out with your business includes:

  1. What content should we write?
  2. What content should we prioritize?
  3. Who should write the content?
  4. Where should the content go?
  5. How much content do we write?
  6. How will our audience find the content?
  7. How did we end up with duplicate content?
  8. How do we know if our content works?

When you have an online presence, goals, and an audience, you need to take it to the next stage and have a solid content strategy for the year. Our marketing company can help you plan everything out and combine all the moving parts to create a successful strategy. As your digital marketing partners, we’ll fit in anywhere you need us. Whether you need a total rewrite of your content for a redesign, or if you need to train your writer to follow the best practices in the industry. Creating great content is one of the most important rules of SEO. The content must be optimized for the ranking algorithms while keeping it just right for humans. Finding that balance can be difficult. Successful content can only be measured by the correct parameters. For many businesses, the actual search volume is not as important as the qualified leads and your data should reflect that fact. Content strategy onboarding when we learn about your goals, vision, and current status of your content, we can start the onboarding process. The content strategy onboarding stage may include:

  1. Editorial and brand discovery
  2. Content auditing and analysis

Content strategy research after we analyze your audience and competition, we can start building a unique strategy for your content. The content strategy research stage may include:

  1. Audience research
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Topic analysis
  4. Content ideation
  5. Content production

Content strategy guidelines finally, we will create a new plan, outline, and guide for your copywriters. We can train your current copywriters or even write the content ourselves. The content strategy guideline stage may include:

  1. Content priority guide
  2. Audience language guide
  3. Best practice guide
  4. Copywriting guide
  5. Cross-channel promotion guide

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